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USA Shooting is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic shooting sports in the United States. Its mission is to develop current and future Olympic shooting athletes. USAS recognizes the importance of well-educated and trained coaches in the development of future Olympic shooting athletes. The USAS Coach Academy has been established to provide this coach education to coaches who are interested in coaching athletes in the Olympic shooting sports.


Policy & Procedures - updated 24 April 2018

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 The ePath Logon Organization Code  is USA36546



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 2018 Coach Academy Advanced Coach Ground Course Schedule



3-5 August                      Los Angeles Rifle and Revolver Club CA - CTC (tentative)

31 Aug - 2 Sept              Ole Mill Range, Griffin GA - CTC

2-4 November                Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association - CTC (Palmyra PA)



27-29 July                   Arvada Rifle & Pistol Club - CTC (Denver CO)

1-3 September            Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association - CTC (Palmyra PA) - tentative



June 1-3                        Nashville TN - CTC - only a few slots left

30 Nov - 2 Dec             Bridge Creek Clays - CTC (Hartsfield, GA) - new

Coaches who complete all online required courses for the Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun Advanced Coach 'learning path' for their discipline should contact Mike Theimer. He will verify that all online courses are complete and award the Advanced Coach Candidate certificate and coach ID card.

For Rifle coaches pursuing certification there is a ground course pre-test that must be passed, followed by diagnostic essay questions which is submitted to the the Rifle Master Instructors. The Master Instructors will review results and essay to determine a coach's readiness for the Advanced Coach ground course. We want all coaches to successfully complete the ground course. The process described above is an effort to ensure a coach's success.

Pistol and Shotgun have a similar ground course application process, but no pretest, only an essay test.

Coaches and Individuals Outside of the United States

For those coaches outside of the United States, please understand these courses were developed for US coaches that are coaching US athletes and may not be totally relevant to your environment and may not fit your training philosophy. However, we think there is useful knowledge in our courses for all allied national shooting federations across the globe, especially those federations that do not have formal Olympic/Paralympic shooting coach training programs. We are happy to share our knowledge with all national shooting federations.

Benefits of the USAS Coach Academy

  • Access to the best coach education and content experts in Olympic/Paralympic shooting sports.
  • Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop future Olympians.
  • Improves image and credibility of youth shooting programs for a club, school or university.
  • Help enable club athletes win medals for themselves and their club/school/university and win USAS team slots at some point in the future.
  • Join a family of other Olympic/Paralympic oriented coaches and athletes.
  • Helping to build and continue the United States Olympic shooting legacy (110 Olympic medals since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896)

Program Description

Coach learning paths/curriculums will be created to include a wide range of topics and information to provide coaches with a complete education and training experience in the Advanced Coach and High Performance Coach Certification programs. The Coach Academy Advisory Team leads and discipline team members have all agreed that Olympic shooting sports coach education for USAS coaches is not something that can be achieved in a one weekend or three day course. This is an education program that will have prerequisite course study via online training courses which can be taken over a period of time available 24/7 to fit the schedule of the coach participant.

Prerequisites have been established for each coach certification program (e.g. advanced and high performance coach certification programs). Prerequisites will be online courses that are foundational content oriented. This helps all coaches from all different experience levels to be on the same page going into the ground courses. It eliminates the time frequently spent by an instructor helping a lesser experienced coach to get ‘caught up’ with content being discussed in a ground course.

Ground courses (Rifle and Pistol) are part classroom discussions and learning which cannot be accomplished online. And part, on the range practical application of coaching knowledge and skills working with athletes.

We are committed to helping all coaches successfully achieve USAS Coach Academy certification who are interested in becoming an Olympic shooting sports coach. This is a journey much like the journey of an athlete on the Olympic path. It takes dedication, time and effort.

If you are thinking you can't do this...yes you can...!  We are here for you. We want every coach that is interested in coaching Olympic shooting sports to get what they need to achieve their goals and the goals of your Olympic path athletes.



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